Tips on Shopping For Beds

Everyone has a different preference when it comes to beds, and usually the style comes into play. There are so many different types of beds to choose from that it is a major decision. First there is the style to be considered. Next the size should be seriously thought about. Not everyone has room for a very large bed. Some people prefer to buy beds in a set with matching pieces of furniture, and this is often a great way to save money. In addition to looking for the perfect frame, there is also the issue of finding a comfortable mattress and box spring set. Here are some important ideas to think about before spending your hard earned cash.


The first question to ask yourself is what size you want to have. This starts with a simple answer about whether you want a king, queen, double, or twin. Most adults prefer queen or a king beds, depending on how much room they take up while they are sleeping. There are even a couple of non-standard sizes, like the California king, which is longer and made for tall people.

In addition to the size of the mattress that will be on your beds, there are also some important measurements that need to be taken. Shoppers should always measure the wall space that they have available. It is not a bad idea to measure out the entire space for two nightstands plus the frame. This will give an idea for the total amount of space that can be allotted. While a mattress might be a king or a queen size, it can take up different amounts of room. For example, a queen size mattress with a very large headboard can take up a lot more room than a king size version with a very small, simple headboard that takes up no wall space at all. It basically comes down to the size of the posts and also the spacing of those posts in comparison to the rest of the bed.


The next thing to think about when shopping for beds is what kind of style interests you. Some people like the classics, like a sleigh style or wrought iron frame and headboard. Others prefer a more modern look with clean lines and black wood. There are about as many different types of styles as there are shoppers, so the style of your dreams is most definitely out there somewhere. For kids' rooms, bunk beds may be a great choice, and captains beds are the perfect solution for tiny rooms that do not have a lot of space for other furniture that might be used to store clothes.

Choosing a mattress

After the style and size of the bed is nailed down, then it is time to pick out a mattress and box spring to go on top of it. Often name brands are the best when it comes to selecting a mattress. Some people like the type of mattress that contours to their bodies, while others like a very hard mattress without much give to it. A good rule of thumb is to look for a slightly harder mattress if you have a lot of back problems. Also stomach sleepers may prefer a harder mattress, but remember that there is also a point in which a mattress becomes too hard. It helps quite a bit to go to a mattress store and test out several mattresses, although making your final purchase online can help save quite a bit of money in some cases.

Just remember that purchasing beds for your home is a long-term decision, so you want to choose wisely and find a style that you can enjoy for years to come.


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