Sateen Sheet Sets: The Durability And Easy Care Of Cotton The Luxury Of Silk

Most people given the choice would love to live in luxury. However, as you well know despite ads stating the opposite luxury is rarely affordable to those on a budget. That is what makes sateen sheet sets so popular, they are not only affordable but, they have the durability of cotton but, the luxurious feel of silk or satin. They can make anyone feel like a prince or princess at bedtime.

What Exactly Is Sateen?

Sateen is actually, specially treated cotton. The chemical processes used to get that shiny look and incredibly soft feel gives it a luxury all of it's own. While regular cotton is somewhat less soft and plain looking sateen has a look much like more expensive materials such as satin or silk. That is one of the reasons why sateen sheet sets are so popular. While more expensive than regular cotton they are far less costly than the so called luxury bedding materials on the market.
Mercerized Sateen is the highest quality of sateen sheets you can buy but, there are other types of sateen available as well.

What Makes Satin Different Than Other Sheet Material

* Unlike most sheet material that is basically the same on both sides, sateen sheets usually have a soft, shiny satiny finish on one side a more cotton like finish on the other side. Many people like this quality about this material as it makes the sheets hold better to the bed itself, while giving the comfort and luxury of the more slippery satin and silk material on the top.

* It is softer and more elegantly looking than plain cotton which makes for a more elegant dressed bed.

* Like cotton sheets sateen sheet sets can be washed in your washer. Unlike silk and satin sheets, sateen sheets do not need to be hand washed or dry cleaned to keep looking their best.

* Sateen sheet sets come in a variety of colors and like silk and satin usually only have stitching on one side giving the these sheets a more elegant look than you will find with plain cotton.

* Sateen sheets are more durable and less expensive than silk and satin but, a little less durable than plain cotton sheets.

* The silky side of sateen sheets are more dust resistant than regular cotton.

While not everyone in life can dine or caviar and truffles, drink champagne on a daily basis, or travel the world whenever they wish, they can at least enjoy a good nights rest on sheets that are both affordable and truly elegant to your senses. Reasonably priced and readily available sateen sheets can make one feel as though they are living or at least sleeping in the lap of luxury.

There is simply no other type of sheet sets that offer a combination of all that is good in other materials. But with sateen sheet sets you get the durability of cotton and the elegance of silk or satin for a price that is affordable to rich and poor alike.


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