Sleep Better And Beat Back Pain With A Wedge Position Pillow

Do you often wake up with back pain or a stiff neck? Does your sleep suffer because you can never seem to get comfortable in bed? It's not your fault. Millions like you suffer with insomnia because they're not getting the proper orthopedic support from their mattresses. Learn how a wedge position pillow can give you the support your aching body needs at a fraction of the cost of a new mattress.

No More Stiff Neck

You may enjoy watching TV or surfing the net on a mountain of propped-up pillows but if you're not getting proper back support, a stiff neck and headache can result.

A contoured bed wedge replaces pillows by providing firm, consistent support whether you're reading or sleeping. Use position #1 while you work, read or watch TV and use position #2 to keep your upper body elevated while you're sleeping.

This wedge position pillow is perfect for those who suffer with health conditions such as:

* Hiatal Hernia
* Acid Reflux
* Heart Problems
* Asthma
* Neck/Back Injury

The contoured surface of this positioning wedge supports your lumbar spine while you're awake and your cervical spine as you sleep so you always have the support you need.

Goodbye Aching Back

If the majority of your pain is in the lower back region, a spine reliever knee rest can help. This wedge pillow tilts your hips gently forward to relieve strain on the lower back and improve circulation.

Place this positioning wedge under your knees to relieve common health complaints such as:

* Lower Back Pain
* Poor Circulation
* Breathing Problems
* Restless Legs Syndrome

Back-pain sufferers under 5'2" may find ordinary leg wedges uncomfortable. Thankfully, there are spine reliever leg wedges in an x-small size for petite individuals.

This type of wedge position pillow naturally contours to the legs to relieve lower back pain, improve circulation and sleep.

Relieve Hip Pain

Side-sleepers often experience hip pain because their lower back and hips are out of alignment each night. A 30-degree positioning wedge, which is shaped like a long triangle, is designed to relieve pressure on the hipbone and coccyx as you sleep or rest. This wedge pillow naturally aligns the spine and offers the trunk support the body needs to rest comfortably and wake pain-free.

Those who are recovering from a long illness, surgery or are bed-ridden can use this positioning wedge to prevent bedsores.

Restless side-sleepers may benefit from the hourglass-shaped leg positioning support, which fits between the knees and moves with you as you sleep.

Treat Leg Pain

Those who suffer with leg pain will find comfort in a heels-off wedge position pillow. Designed to keep heels off the bed, this pillow provides total pressure relief, relaxes the spine and improves circulation.

This positioning wedge also helps prevent the occurrence or reoccurrence of pressure sores and ulcers in bed-ridden patients.

No matter if you sleep on your back, side or stomach, there's a wedge pillow designed just for you to relieve back and neck pain, prevent headaches and help you get a restful night's sleep.

Before you spend thousands of dollars on a brand new mattress, try a wedge pillow. You might be pleasantly surprised.


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